• Northern Progeny Test

    Northern Progeny Test Brochure

    With the Southern (Angus) group almost completed calving, and the Northern (Brahman) group ready to be AI’ed, the breed is in an exciting position to validate its position as a strong contributor to beef profitability. Both the Charolais Society and our partners MLA & AGBU see a range of beneficial spinoffs from these trials, both to breeders of Charolais cattle and the beef industry in general.

    As with Stage 1, bull selection for Stage 2 has been completed with a significant group of well recorded, high performance young bulls now being collected for AI in early October.  This process( in consultation with AGBU) looks to find high performance, well recorded bulls that best represent the current genetic makeup of the Charolais breed.  In what can be viewed as important progress, several of the bulls selected have come from Queensland herds, effectively being “found” on the back of extensive trait recording by their breeders.