• Register Cattle

    Quick Link – Online Registrations Login

    Calves must be registered with the Society within 12 months from the date of birth. Late fees apply for registrations after this time. Calf details are recorded in The Herdbook register which enables members to record pedigree and performance information. In addition, registered cattle are eligible for inclusion in Charolais Group BREEDPLAN. For more information please view the following information.

    You can register calves using the following methods:

    •  C1 form

    You can either download the C1 form here or contact the Society for copies to be sent to you in the mail ([email protected]).

    This form needs to be manually filled in with the required sire, dam and calf details and then returned to the Society. There are some explanatory notes on the form, but if you need any clarification please contact the Society staff.

    • Online

    Click here to be taken to the Online Registration Login page.

    The above link will take you through to the ABRI website. There you will complete an electronic form which asks for the same information that is required on a C1 form. If you have never logged in before please contact the Society for a password ([email protected]) which can be changed when you first log in. Brief instructions are available for you to download here or contact the Society for assistance with the online form.

    • Registration Spreadsheet (Excel)

    Click here to download the Calf Registration Spreadsheet

    This spreadsheet is formatted like a C1 form, but allows you to complete multiple entries in the one document which can then be emailed through to the Registrar ([email protected]). Instructions are included on the first worksheet in the Excel document or contact the Society for assistance.

    • Emailing a batch file from your on farm computer software

    There are several programs available which allow you to electronically record your herd details, from calf registrations to recipient dams in an ET program and everything inbetween. From these programs, you can create a file, or batch, which can be emailed through to the Registrar ([email protected]) and uploaded directly into the database. For instructions on how to do this, you will need to contact your software provider. Please ensure the file is saved as a “.dat” file.


    For assistance with any of the above please contact the Charolais Society on 02 6771 1666.