• DNA Testing

    All Sires (including AI sires) require a Society held DNA profile before progeny can be registered. A DNA profile is created through a hair sample which is taken from the tail of the animal. You need to pull the hair out ensuring you have the little skin follicle at the end and you need about a fingers width of hair.

    The Society uses the services of The University of Queensland Animal Genetics Laboratory. If you need a DNA profile, please contact the Society for a hair collection kit. Once you have collected the hair you will need to send the kit back to the Society who will coordinate the process through UQ. It is beneficial to go through the Society as results are sent directly to us so they can be entered in the database and any held progeny can be registered.

    If you no longer have access to the sire’s hair, please contact the Society to discuss other options (eg skin, semen, profile build using progeny DNA).

    In addition, please contact the Society to discuss other tests such as Parent Verification, MYO tests, polled tests, etc.

    Please click here if you would like the DNA Testing Request form (117kb)