• Year Letters & Grading Up

    Year Letters


    1998 T 2002 X 2006 B 2010 F 2014 K 2018 P
    1999 U 2003 Y 2007 C 2011 G 2015 L 2019 Q
    2000 V 2004 Z 2008 D 2012 H 2016 M 2020 R
    2001 W 2005 A 2009 E 2013 J 2017 N 2021 S



    Grading Up Chart

    Sire Grade
    Z A B C D E F
    Z A A A
    A A A A B B B
    B A B B C C C
    C A B C D D D
    D A B C D D E E
    E A B C D E E E
    F A B C D E E F


    • Z is an ungraded base animal. If joined with a D, E or F grade animal its progeny can be graded up.
    • Grade A is the lowest grade, which means the animal has at least 50% Charolais genetics regardless of origin (Australia, Canada, etc).
    • As you move from Grade A to Grade E the proportion of Charolais genetics increases with Grade E being the highest grade available for non French animals.
    • Grade F is for full French animals, which means animals that are either directly from France or are descendants from French animals only.

    The grading chartĀ above can be used to determine the grade of progeny. For example, if you cross a Grade E sire over a Grade D dam, then the progeny will be Grade E.