• Breed Characteristics

    Item Desirable Undesirable
    Fertility Longevity.
    Females – feminine, regular calvingMales – masculine, virile, high libido
    Hind Quarters Broad, wide between pins.
    Females – deep with moderate muscling
    Males – deep, well muscled.
    Hips and Tail Square from side and wide from behind. High tail setting or too much slope.
    Sheath & Navel Retracted Prepuce. Less than 45 degree angle from the horizontal. An excessively long and badly angled sheath. Exposed prepuce. Navel rosette.
    Scrotal Testicles should be even sized and firm and, as a guide, must meet the following minimum scrotal size:
    15 – 20 months of age 34cm
    21 – 30 months of age 35cm
    over 31 months of age 36cm
    Soft. Spongy. Uneven. Tied. Thick or short necked.
    Udder & Teats Well attached, balanced (even quarters). Fine teats of moderate length. Bottle teats.
    Legs Squarely set, sound joints. Post legs (straight hocks), sickle hocks, cow hocked, bow legged, knock kneed.
    Shoulders Smooth, free moving, correct angle. Straight shoulders impairing free movement and resulting in wide shoulders. Too much angle resulting in animals sitting back on the hoof.
    Feet Even claws, correct angle. Uneven claws indicating uneven weight distribution; short claws indicating straightness in the leg; long claws indicating too much angle in pastern and hock.
    Body Well balanced, long and deep.
    Females – angular and feminine.
    Males – masculine. Well muscled. Ability to finish.
    Double muscling. Extreme muscling. Extreme frame score.
    Weight Animals should be well grown for their age. Bulls should meet the following weights:
    18 months of age – Minimum 650 kg
    24 months of age – Minimum 730 kg
    30 months of age – Minimum 850 kg
    Head & Neck Good extension, smooth attachment. Feminine in Females. Masculine in Males.  
    Muzzle The extremities of both lower and upper jaws should meet accurately. Under and/or over shot jaws. Black colouring around nostrils.
    Eyes The animal should have full sight. Clear, well set hooded eyes. ‘Poppy eyed’. Protruding eyes.
    Horns Ideally horned animals should be dehorned. Animals registered as polled then developing scurs should have registrations altered to indicate scurs.  
    Brisket Clean and trim.  
    Dentition No animal should show signs of permanent teeth under the age of 18 months. At the age of 24 months an animal should have no more than two (2) permanent teeth.  
    Temperament Animals must be of quiet disposition. Easily managed. Unruly behavior or nervousness.
    Colour Uniform in range from white to light red. Dark red, black, harsh broken colour.
    Other   Surgical scar tissue.