• Charolais Cattle

    Charolais are the Breed of Need. There is only one reason why breeders use Charolais – to make more money. The business of beef production is as real as any other in that economic rationale takes precedence over tradition.

    Two significant driving forces in the Australian beef industry over the last few decades are:

    • Consumers – demanding safe, traceable, healthy beef of guaranteed eating quality
    • Escalating cost of production eroding returns (gross margin)

    Charolais assist in delivering both satisfaction to customers and consumers while combating the forces of rising cost of production. While the Charolais breed is renown for their remarkable growth rate that allows for earlier turnoff of cattle into specific markets, the modern Australian Charolais has adapted to suit the many varied climatic conditions that the harsh Australian environment dishes out. This adaptability has been brought about by one factor only … the need to make more money! Cattlemen in all parts of Australia recognise the benefits of the Charolais growth and carcase characteristics and set about evolving the breed through precise and deliberate genetic selection.

    Hence now, the Australian Charolais is available for you to “Cross into Profit”.


    What you can find on the Charolais website

    On this website you will find a range of information about Charolais cattle in Australia, including:

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact the Charolais Society office on (02) 6771 1666 or email [email protected]