• Society Regulations

    There are three (3) important documents all Charolais Society members should read which specifically outline the rules and regulations that must be followed by all members. Copies of each document are sent to new members on receipt of their membership application.

    Links to the relevant documents are below, however if you would like a printed copy please call the Society office on (02) 6771 1666 or email [email protected]

    If you have any questions or require further information about any of the information above please contact the Charolais Society on (02) 6771 1666 or email [email protected]


    Quick Guide to the Charolais Society of Australia 

    Also available is a Quick Guide to the Charolais Society. This document in no way replaces the above Regulations and other official documents, but acts as a brief overview of Society services and activities. For more information, please contact the Society.


    Privacy Declaration

    The Charolais Society of Australia must conform to the National Privacy Principles which have evolved from the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

    The information provided by you to the Society is used to undertake its role in relation to memberships, registrations and transfers, sales, marketing and promotion of Charolais cattle and performance recording. By applying for membership of the Society you consent to allow the Society to use this information for these purposes as well as for publication in Charolais newsletters, journals, sale catalogues and the Society website and regional farm directories.

    Members of the Society can be assured that privacy protocols and procedures are in place to ensure that your information will not be disclosed for any other purpose, unless required by law. You may request access to your information or request changes to be made to your records by contacting the Society on (02) 6771 1666.