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    Types of Membership

    Members are composed of:

    • Honorary Life Members (elected by Council),
    • Full Members,
    • Intermediate Members (18 to 25 years of age),
    • Youth Members (under 18 years of age),
    • School Members and
    • Associate Members

    For more information about each of the membership categories and their associated benefits or to become a member, please view and print the Membership Brochure. Alternatively, please contact the Society via email [email protected] or phone 02 6771 1666 to request a member kit be posted to you.

    If you are overseas and would like to become a member, please email the Society on [email protected] for more information.

    Membership Application Forms

    2018 Membership Full_Assoc App Form

    2018 Membership Youth_Inter App Form

    2018 Membership School App Form

    Membership Costs*

    Full Membership = $231.00
    Associate Membership = $38.50
    Intermediate Membership (18-25 yrs) = $33.00
    Youth Membership (under 18 yrs) = $11.00
    School Membership = $55 (includes once-off joining fees)

    * Fees do not include Full BREEDPLAN Membership and trait recording charges. For more information, please see the BREEDPLAN page.

    Once-off Joining Fees**:
    Entry Fee = $33.00
    Prefix Fee = $16.50

    ** Not required for Associate, Overseas or School members. New members who wish to register cattle must submit a Herd Prefix and Tattoo on the membership application form.

    Nominating a Herd Prefix and Herd Tattoo

    In accordance with the regulations, all Full and Intermediate Members and Youth (who intend to own and register cattle) are required to apply for a Herd Prefix and Herd Tattoo. The Herd Prefix shall be used as a prefix to, and as part of, the name of every animal registered within that herd and shall not exceed 17 characters. The Herd Tattoo shall comprise 3 characters (letters and numbers only). Both the Herd Prefix and Tattoo shall be distinct from all others so as not to be misleading.