• Moongool Wins Interbreed Female Beef Australia

    0 | May 14th, 2018 | Colin Rex | Society News

    After a highly successful day in Charolais judging the Price Family took  top female honours in the Beef Australia Interbreed. Moongool Thyphena 9 sired by moongool Freedom was announced as premier female by judge Donna Robson. The excited stud principal, Ivan Price was quoted in the QCL “the 30-month-old, bred from a home-bred poll sire, Moongool Freedom, was the type of animal the stud had been striving to produce for 30-odd years. “She ticks all the boxes for Australian cow needs,” he said. “She’s a very alert female, with great neck carriage, a powerful topline, a roomy side and wonderful milk production.” Moongool Typhena 9 had a six month old bull calf at foot.

    Moongool Thyphena 9, Beef Australia 2018 Interbreed Champion Female sponsored by Landmark and judged by Donna Robson

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