• Tractor Charolais Wins Sydney Carcase Competition

    0 | April 18th, 2017 | Colin Rex | Show Results, Society News

    Travis and Sara Worth, Tractor Charolais had outstanding success at Sydney Royal Carcase Competition with Medium Weight and Grand Champion Carcase with their Charolais entry Tractor Piglet. This steer also won a Gold Medal in the Sydney Appraisal System of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals where carcases must met minimum criteria to be awarded a medal. Axios Charolais were awarded a Gold medal following on from their grand champion carcase success in 2016. Wellington High School, DSK Charolais (2) and Travis and Sara Worth won Silver Awards. Ben and Leanne Toll, Wellington High School, Frensham  won a Bronze Award in the competition. In the Trade Cattle Section Travis and Sara Worth both won Silver Awards and Glenliam Farm won a Bronze with a Charolais Silver Calf. The team of three purebred Charolais steers placed second overall in the Stan Hill Trophy award.

    Alistair Rayner, Tayla Miller on behalf of Tractor Charolais and Michael MacCue with the trophy for Grand Champion Carcase.

    Ivette Labib and Michael MacCue with Axios Charolais’s Gold Medal

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