• Southern Breeders Sale 2017

    0 | March 3rd, 2017 | Colin Rex | Sales Events

    Rob Abbott of Mt William Charolais selected Waterford L52E as a new sire to top the 15th annual Southern Charolais Breeders Sale. Sired by Palgrove Hermes Rob paid $6750. Chenu Luxford sold for $5,500 with 24 bulls selling to average $4,500. Denis and Sam Taylor sold Allednaw Nunciata G109 (P) to Roderick Binny, Glenlea Charolais. Cows averaged $5416 for six cows and calves.

    Waterford L52E sold by Sapphire and Deborah Halliday to Rob and Anne Abbott, Mt William Charolais

    Dennis Taylor, Rodrick Binny and Sam Taylor with Allednaw Nunciata G109 purchased by Glenlea Charolais for $7000

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