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    An outstanding line of Charolais females meet strong demand at the 2017 Palgrove Showcase Female Sale. Successful bidders operated from five states and the sale averaged $8,022 for the 54 lots on offer achieving a total clearance.. Females from the highly proven families such as Estella, Bronwin, Panache, Festoon and Digna were presented in immaculate condition. Lots sired  by leading sires and a host of the new Palgrove sires including Silverstream Evolution and Holster and Palgrove Hannibal (P)(R/F) gave buyers the opportunity to have early access to the next generation.

    Lot 6, a red factor MD Sentinal Ruler daughter, Palgrove Estella 336 topped the sale at $18,500 selling to David and Judy Gray, Huon Charolais. David and Judy also selected Lot 4 Palgrove Bronwin 119 (P) for $8,500, Lot 21 Palgrove Estella J880 for $8,500 and Lot 41 Palgrove Estella K252E by Silverstream Evolution for $9,000. Other southern buyers included Deborah and Sapphire Halliday, Waterford Charolais selecting Lot 2 Palgrove Elegance 82 R/F for $12,500, Lot 9 Palgrove Eighteen Karat 62 for $8,500 and a select heifer Lot 29 Palgrove Jana M133E for $4,500. Ron Johnstone, Milford Charolais was also a volume buyer with Lot 3, Palgrove Panache 210 for $8,500, Lot 7 Palgrove Panache 244 (P) for $7,000, Lot 24 Palgrove Flaxen M35E (P) sired by Evolution for $5,500, Lot 42 a Pilgrim daughter Palgrove Refine K761E for $6,000 and Lot 49 Palgrove Elegance K1179E for $6,000.

    The Cooper Family. CCJ’s stud, Willowbank selected a Silverstream Holster daughter Palgrove Desire M22E (P) for $11,000 at 10 months. The Coopers purchased another two weaner heifers, Lot 25 Palgrove Cherry Ripe M66E (P) (by Evolution) for $5,000 and Lot 35 Palgrove Digna M125E also by Holster for $8,000. The top price Select heifer was $12,500 for Lot 26 Palgrove Panache M44E sired by Silverstream Evolution and purchased by the SR & JA Taylor, Taylor Made Charolais, Manilla NSW.

    Western Australian breeders the Bell Family, Bardoo Charolais selected a flush in Palgrove Clara 48 (P)(R/F) for $13,000 and a package of 4 embryos sired by TR Red Smoke (P)(R/F) from Palgrove Bronwin 119 (P) for $5,200. Roderick Binny, Glenlea Charolais selected 20 straws of Silverstream Holster for $13,000 and twenty straws of Winn Mans Skaggs (P) for $12,500.

    19 cows and calves sold to $18,500 and averaged $9,395
    14 Show Prospect Heifers sold to $12,500 and averaged $7,607  (9-10 months average age)
    17 PTIC Yearling Heifers sold to $9,000 (2) and averaged$6,147
    40 Semen straws sold to $650 and averaged $637 per straw.
    4 Embryos sold to $1,300 and averaged $1,300
    1 Flush sold to $13,000 and averaged $13,000

    David Bondfield with David and Judy Gray and Blake Munro Elders. David and Judy selected Lot 6 for the top price of $18,500.


    Lot 6 Palgrove Estella 336 (R/F) sold for $18,500

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